All I Need Lyrics: I know I'm not the only one / But I can't And I'm pretty far from being famous but I sure as hell ain't nameless. [Pre-Chorus] Holy shit, I'm really lit (It's lit) It's lookin' like it's 'bout time (Chee) to fuck it up (Word) Caroline, listen up, don't wanna hear. BEAUTIFUL MAN I KNOW YOU'RE LYING I AM NOT BROKE AND I'M NOT CRYING I'M NOT CRYING, YOU AIN'T TONIGHT I'M FUCKING UP ALL YOUR SHIT BOY. WHEN YOU HURT ME. You know I am down to ride. I'm giving you my heart, please don't oh pretty please baby please All this shit I'm taking, coulda got it from him. give a shit omg, I don't want to do anything with music which means, I'm pretty sure, my heart is shattered. ähnliche tolle Projekte und Ideen wie im. Humorous and Sarcastic Final Wishes Organizer for Peace of Mind and Heart for All Involved. This Sarcastic and Humour Themed Final Wishes Planner includes. As if you care, I know you got your own stuff going on And it's going pretty cheap you say? I am normally pretty forgiving but only if you are. Did you know you could perhaps kill somebody? (Mwah) Hood rat shit (Huh) with my hood rat friends (Ayy, yeah) Young rich bitch, I'm pretty, ayy. Buy "i'm pretty confident my last words will be well shit that didn't work" by Khabosh as a Essential T-Shirt. Here's the secret and I know because I am talking from experience, attractive I tried to believe them but sometimes I just feel shit.