Available in rice, grain and multicrop versions, the new Valtra hybrid combine harvesters present unique features, offering you convenience, robustness and. Combine harvesters: The combine harvester not only cuts the corn crop but threshes it as well in the same operation. It produces grain, which can be dried. Buy The Combine Harvester on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Combine Harvesters. Pioneers of combine harvester technology from the PowerFlow header to the latest precision farming equipment, the Massey Ferguson range. In the industrial development of agriculture, the combine harvester machine is one of the most impactful technical inventions. In all areas of agricultural mechanisation, this evolution can be seen most clearly when looking towards combine harvesters. Combine harvester is a multi-functional machine for crop harvesting. Combine harvesters can gather over 80 different types of crops (wheat, corn, soybeans. Combine Harvester (MC SERIES). Model. MC71G(H). GLG. MC71G. MC88G. Series. COMBINE HARVESTER. Catalog. Product Description. MC71G(H), GLG, MC71G. This multi-functional combine harvester could be used for stem crops (such as rice, wheat and soybean) grain harvesting and straw square baling, which could. FREE DESCRIPTORS: cereal harvest optimisation, combine harvester, auto- matic control,machine speed control, threshing speed control.