A neuron or nerve cell is an electrically excitable cell that communicates with other cells via specialized connections called synapses. But scientists believed that once a neural circuit was in place, adding any new neurons would disrupt the flow of information and disable. It was more about the relative neuron/glia ratio in human brains. We have a great opportunity here to illustrate the importance of science. Scientists have discovered mental maps in the brain that help animals Some of these neurons fired when the animal was in one location. As the message passes from neuron 2 to neuron 3, you can see a close-up of what happens at the gap between the two neurons. What to Do Here: Click the play. What Am I Seeing? This diagram shows the neurons, or nerve cells, in the brain of a newborn baby. The dark triangular or circular parts of the diagram. The same types of intracellular substructures that characterize the cell body of a neuron are also present in dendrites. Many types of neurons have dendrites. Some neurons have short axons, while others can be quite long. The longest axon in the human body extends from the bottom of the spine to the. Characteristics. Have many dendrites, or only one dendrit; Are short and highly branched; Transmit information to the cell body. Most neurons. The bionic eye is a well-known example of sci-fi technology– but could it soon be more than just science fiction? Check out this new infographic.