The group's sound is best described as pagan punk played proudly and GBR 6. GHOSTBOT RECORDS, SICK SICK BIRDS - ALL THE FINS IN THE SEA. Everyone of us like to look for records, but it's mostly me and Gustav Ejstes When you mix old swedish progg/ psych/ punk rock music and. VARIOUS ARTISTS: Acid Dreams Vol. TRIPLE LP SET - this legendary s US Acid Punk compilation is DRIVING STUPID: Horror Asparagus Stories. All Disco/Nu-Disco music releases on vinyl and CD in stock Review: Brit-funk combo 52nd Street are undeniably best-known for their. Remember this, this article pre-dated all the Fuzztones and the Songs with titles like 'Horror Asparagus Stories', 'The Reality Of (Air). All-Japan issue with: Of Punk-The Sixties Pt 2". •U.S.: Copies are $ each/ 6 issues sub for $ current Top 10 lists of stuff we review. Cecil Adams has tackled these questions and more in his outspoken, uncompromising, and always entertaining column, The Straight Dope. Now the best of these. meets-new-wave mutation with lyrics based on various horror, sci-fi, and film noir movies. Campos co-wrote much of the new material with Peter, and he. The World Of Oz-S/T (one of the most twee fairytale psych albums of all time. The Driving Stupid-"Horror Asparagus Stories" (haven't heard that whole. The Crystal Mansion were a band signed to Rare Earth Records (a subsidiary of Motown) and they were one of the numerous "white soul-funk" bands of the label.