The Acid Tests were a series of parties held by author Ken Kesey primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area during the mids, centered on the use of and. The Acid Tests are parties at which everyone takes LSD (which was often put into the Kool-Aid they served) and abandon the realities of the mundane world in. Ken Kesey & The Grateful Dead's Acid Tests. ; Thumbnail for Ken Kesey & Ken Babbs ‎– The Merry Pranksters Acid Tests Vol. Ken Kesey & Ken Babbs. Ken Kesey's Ultra Rare studio recording of the Acid Test with The Grateful Dead. Legendary documentation of the Bay Area Acid Test scene from. The acid test parties began after Kesey's experience with mind-altering drugs as a volunteer test subject for Army experiments in (later. This ultra rare album recorded during an actual LSD Trip by the legendary Ken Kesey & Ken Babbs, with music by The Grateful Dead. Property of Strider ShurtliffKen Kesey and Ram RodReproduction goldenrod “Can You Pass the Acid Test?” poster, [ca. ]Printed poster ( x ''). A LOT OF ACID has flowed under the bridge since Ken Kesey dropped his first cap of that at Kesey's happenings--The Acid Tests--you were served LSD). At the dawn of the s, Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters were dropping LSD and kickstarting a revolution – and Wolfe went along for the. Grateful Dead, still known as · The Warlocks, attended one of · Ken Kesey and the · Merry Pranksters' · Acid Tests, where like-minded individuals.