You'll find round shapes all over the Philippines on New Year's Eve as representatives of coins to symbolize prosperity in the coming year. Many families. The New Year has been celebrated by civilizations around the globe for by a religious festival spanning 11 days, with a different ritual on each day. Traditionally, these men come bearing gifts of coal, salt, shortbread, and whiskey, all of which further contribute to the idea of having good fortune. But why. December 5th is essentially the Christmas Day of the Netherlands, when families all eat together and open presents that arrive on the doorstep. Many New Year's customs that we take for granted actually date from ancient times. This year, ring out the old and ring in the new with a New Year. But New Year customs vary widely in different cultures around the world. dark-headed male bearing gifts such as bread (to be full), salt (to be wealthy). Eat a grape with every strike of the bell at midnight for prosperity - only then can you say "Happy New Year!". Not just for New Year's - Explore Spain all year. Also known as the Spring Festival, this day long celebration has a different date every year, following the Lunar Calendar instead of the. Across the world, people of all ages want to spend this celebration with family, friends, and loved ones. Maybe you can't afford to travel. countries all over the world will celebrate the beginning of a new year. The first person who visits your house should bring a gift as this will.