Far-left politics are politics further to the left of the left–right political spectrum than the standard political left. There are different definitions of. The most radical part of left-wing politics, including: Far-left politics · Radical politics · Ultra-leftism · The left part of radicalism, a political movement. Radical left is a term that refers collectively to people who hold left-wing political views that are considered extreme, such as supporting or working to. How and why (if at all) should the radical Left reexamine its understanding of political consciousness, identity, ideology, and institutions, as they relate to. In other words, in President Trump's mind, and the minds of his supporters, the radical left and far left are interchangeable terms for Trump's. Nothing in Biden's decades-long record as a public servant indicates that he is a communist, a radical, or anything other than a small-l liberal. This chapter examines both the turbulent history and the contemporary experience of the Greek radical Left, that is, SYRIZA, focusing particularly on its. The far left and the far right also resemble each other in the way they pursue their political goals. Both are disposed to censor their opponents. The main focus of our interest was and is in the potentials of radical European left-wing parties and their chances for breaking out of the predominantly. national level, by a group of radical leftists headed by Mao Tse-tung. The full impact of the policies implemented by these radicals on Chinese politics.